The Sanctuary (Version 2.0)

Welcome to my NEW and IMPROVED home page. For years I have surfed the internet, searching for every different kind of file that could best describe my interests. I have become quite the Pack-Rat - Pictures, articles, wav files, animations, movie files... I have amassed a collection of such material to span several discs, so I cannot put it all on the internet, I have very limited storage space. I have uploaded my greatest files, so that I can share them with you. Here is my meager attempt at "giving something back" to everyone who has given me pleasure in their hard work (that is the labor of maintaining a smoothly running web site).

The containts of my site are compiled of the many platforms I use as escapes, from the day-to-day life, such-as Movie information, a Metal Gear Solid Tribute, many links to various sites of interest, my personnal info, and various pictures I have accumulated over the years. Feel free to take anything you find of interest here, Enjoy.